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Baseline studies

Discover through customised market research concepts what impels your target group, which values and needs are important in what contexts and how you might shape your brand, products and services in future so they make the ideal impact.


Brand image studies

The images of the relevant brands (within the context of the competition) are developed with suitable verbal and non-verbal techniques. The techniques used are tailored to the desired research background. We work, for example, with the brand Prisma, the brand steering wheel, the archetypes and our own tool LINK Visual to visualise brand essence and positioning.



Customer journeys/touchpoint analyses

Customer centricity is a catchword at many companies. Using suitable analyses, we help you to understand the customer journey and to optimise your touchpoints in line with the specific needs.


We use different tools in the process, depending on what the exact problem is.
From ethnographic (online/offline) approaches to narrative interview techniques, there is a variety of options available. In each case, the options are specifically attuned and tailored to the problem. They can also be combined if the situation calls for it.


Concept tests

The aim should be to develop one or two concepts that impel the target group and not one “winning” concept that is too watered down in the end to really pack a punch that sparks enthusiasm. The original ideas from representatives of the target group(s) are reviewed and evaluated at our concept labs. The researchers use various tools to test the concepts with regard to emotional and rational aspects. Comprehensibility, potential for identification, impact, uniqueness and brand fit are key components of every investigation. In line with lab procedures, a multistep method is used to tweak and optimise concepts so that in the end, you have one that will enable you to achieve your goals.


Advertising: pre- / post-tests

Regardless of whether it concerns motifs for printed materials, outdoor media, in-store media, storyboards, animatics or ready-to-go ideas for spots, anyone who performs tests beforehand can often make key optimisations at a relatively low cost. This, in turn, helps ensure that marketing measures truly accomplish their goals.
Our advertising tests are always tailored to your needs. The method (focus groups, one-on-one interviews, online or offline, etc.), the instruments that are designed as well as the necessary technology (e.g. eye tracking) are all used based on your precise requirements.

Alongside the traditional blending of qualitative and quantitative approaches, we also offer LINK Xpress. This is a compact tool that provides you with a valid basis for action both quickly and cost-effectively.

en in kürzester Zeit kostengünstig eine valide Handlungsgrundlage bietet.


Usability tests

Ensuring the optimum design of user interfaces is more important now than ever before. In many industries, the online channel/touchpoint is an essential sales channel and part of the customer experience. Through our usability tests, we not only help to identify and eliminate user barriers, but also to optimise designs. We do so within the scope of an integrated marketing approach to make your brand a compelling experience from the perspective of the target group. We can assist you with the right approach in a wide range of stages of development:

  • Needs assessment and theoretical usability, e.g. using card sorting as the basis for a brand image poised to undergo a complete makeover.
  • Tests of structures and input masks with the help of screenshots.
  • Practical hands-on testing of (mobile) click dummies/website prototypes or of websites and apps that have already been developed.

Development of products and services/co-creation

Are you interested in developing new products or services in a specific area and want to involve the potential target group?

Do you already have some initial ideas, but would like to optimise them with input from the target group?

There are numerous possibilities for testing or even developing approaches with regard to innovations with the help of target groups. Various options lend themselves to this, depending on what the starting situation is.
We help you get your ideas flowing through online and/or offline approaches.

Our connecting labs are just one way to put you in touch directly with your target group and to fashion new ideas with target group representatives within a framework that we devise.


Sentiment analyses

In other countries, it is possible to analyse inbound discussions in partly automated fashion in order to use the valuable “data” and take another step towards optimising the customer journey.

This is not possible in Switzerland at the moment.
Using a closely coordinated, multistep analytical method, we help you mine important insights from your inbound discussions with customers, for example.


Communication laboratiries

Whenever the sales force takes over an essential part of the communication activities with your customers, it is important that their meetings and discussions are tailored to the target group as much as possible. Sales representatives often perform their work with the help of sales folders. The folders should also be designed in a way that perfectly matches the perspective of the target group. Here, too, it is apparent that even “old hands” sometimes fail to properly communicate key aspects during their discussions or lack the perfect timing.

At our communication laboratories, we test and optimise communication strategies for special situations on your behalf. Live observation and honest feedback from representatives of the target group are essential for optimising the communication activities of your sales force on the ground.


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Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction is often measured in standardised fashion at large companies using a survey. However, this provides only a very superficial understanding of the factors behind satisfaction levels or changes in them.


By drawing on our expertise, we can perform in-depth research into the causes and come up with clear optimisation suggestions.


Internal communications

Internal communications represent a key part of day-to-day business. In addition to providing the right employees with important information, internal communications also have to meet implicit demands to keep employees satisfied and ensure the company’s success.

We help you to perform a targeted review of communication activities at your company and tackle the task of optimisation.

Alongside communication down hierarchical lines, the official information tools (intranet, informational events, employee newspapers, etc.) also play a key role in internal communications. It is necessary to employ different instruments, depending on what the objective is. Ultimately, drawing the right conclusions and coming up with recommendations for you can only be achieved with the necessary experience.




Regardless of whether it is an implementation workshop or a stand-alone approach, we help you to develop or implement topics at your company through tailored workshops. A workshop is always a customised event that participants should enjoy.

The aim is to involve team members and, in doing so, provide the opportunity to generate relevant output that can continue to be actively used.


Other internal matters

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